May 2018

Promo June 2018

This weekend is your chance to get “The Winter Chill” for under a buck! (Well, actually, it’s on sale now and the lower price will persist through much of next week). Yeah, we want to make some money from book sales … but it’s more important than that to have people READ the books! Hopefully, by now you’ve read “The Summer Apprentice” and “The Fall of Magic.” The story continues with Astra and her fellow apprentices doing their best to save the lives of what few Wizards survived Blight’s attacks. That means, mostly, the old and retired, and the young and innocent. Meanwhile, the coldest winter in memory is chilling Wizard’s Reach and most of the Mainland. Can they manage to save everyone before they freeze?

If you’re unable to click the picture above, the link for the promo is  And if you haven’t begun the Seasons of Elsewhen yet, why wait? Volume 1, “The Summer Apprentice,” is available for FREE at

’Tis the season to get a lot for little.

This weekend is the monthly Patty Jansen Fantasy and SF bargain book promotion and Sydney Chambers: Captain, is one of the books available at the bargain price of .99!

If you haven’t already checked out Captain, now’s your chance – and it couldn’t come at a better time, because Sydney

Promo May 2018

Chambers: First Officer, is also available for just .99!

First Officer is the direct prequel to Captain and is on presale right now for the bargain price. (It’ll go up to its regular $2.99 shortly after it releases July 3.)  Captain will return to $2.99 later next week as well … but right now you can grab each of ‘em for less than a buck! (You can also get the prequel novella, Cadet Midshipwoman, for .99 at Amazon and be totally caught up on the greatest heroine of the 31st Century on the cheap!

Captain is only on sale for this promotion, so you do need to hurry a bit. You’ve got more time for First Officer – it will remain .99 through its release in time for the 4th of July. And, of course, .99 is regular price for the Kindle edition of Cadet Midshipwoman.

And if – unthinkable! – you aren’t interested in Sydney Chambers, there are a ton of other books available for a buck during the SFF promo. Just follow the link and check ’em out!