As of February 27, “The Winter Chill” pre-sale ended and all versions of the Third Season of Elsewhen became fully available at Amazon (Kindle and paperback editions), Kobo (eBook), iTunes (eBook), and Barnes and Noble’s online store (Nook, paperback, AND hardcover editions). Sadly, it’s still not available on the shelves of brick-and-mortar stores, but then, there aren’t many of those left, are there?

Please note, also, that with the end of the pre-sale, also comes the end of the .99 cent deal. EBook editions are now $2.99. The paperback is $13.99; the hardcover edition runs $19.95. Grab one of those editions while it’s still winter across the northern hemisphere and you’ve got plenty of time to read!

Cover by Kat 3-Edited