A fantastic New Year to everyone! There is certainly joy here as the Third Season of Elsewhen, “The Winter Chill,” has gone LIVE! for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords (other retailers to follow soon: Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, etc). Pre-order your copy NOW for only .99; the price goes up to $2.99 after it releases on February 27.

Paperback and hardcover editions will also be available, closer to the Feb. 27 release date. (Paperbacks at CreateSpace.com, Amazon and Barnes and Noble; Hardcovers of all Seasons of Elsewhen novels remain a B&N exclusive, but they’re GORGEOUS and reasonably priced at $20!)

The aftermath of Magic’s demise (in The Fall of Magic) finds Astra and her fellow apprentices faced with the task of rescuing those retired Wizards and Wizard children who still live. Can they survive a deadly cold winter long enough to save the survivors?

Reality settles over Astra and her fellow apprentices in the form of active hatred of Wizards by Plain folk everywhere. That hatred is expressed without violence on Wizard’s Reach, where Plain have long been treated as equals; on the Amedian Mainland, though, those Wizards who still live are in danger — the old and retired, as well as the young, abandoned children of the slain Wizards — because violence is become rife.

As the sole group of Wizards still in contact with Magic, through Astra, the apprentices have no choice but to mount a rescue effort for all those Wizards, young and old, who stand threatened by Plain violence.

But angered Plain folk are not the only threat: A colder winter than anyone can remember also shadows a World where there is no Magic to light heating fires. Since the youngest and the oldest who are most susceptible to such cold, the apprentices are forced to move fast in their rescue efforts … at the peril of their own lives … before there is no one left to be saved.

Cover by Kat 3 20pct