This coming weekend, something new and special is happening: “The Summer Apprentice” will be available for FREE! Well … if Amazon cooperates. Fact is, the price is already lowered to $0.00 at Smashwords,, and iTunes. Barnes and Noble should join in shortly. But Amazon …

Well, Amazon doesn’t ALLOW authors to charge nothing; 99 cents is the bottom line, according to their rules, UNLESS THEY PRICE MATCH TO ZERO THEMSELVES. Oof. Yeah, I get that we’re in this to make money; but on a promotional basis, shouldn’t I have the right to give my work away if I want? And this is a purely two-day promotion:


The price will go back up on October 3 (or as soon after that as the retailers cooperate). So what’s the problem?

Amazon’s rules. is, overall, a great friend and staunch ally to independent authors; heck, without Amazon, self-publishing would likely not exist. But the fact is, Amazon has also become the ten-ton gorilla in the room. Their way or the highway. Their way says, ‘Thou shalt only give books away as a part of Kindle Select’ – but to join Select you must sign away the right to sell/give away your book at other retailers such as Barnes & Noble or iTunes.

While it’s true that over 90 percent of my sales are thru Amazon, I don’t like being strong-armed into giving up other venues. B&N, Kobo, and iTunes MATTER.

So I await Amazon’s price-match to zero. Hopefully it will come in time for the weekend promotion … but that’s not guaranteed. And, I’m told, getting the price raised back to a charge following the promotion can be hit-and-miss as well.

Enough griping. This is still your chance to grab a copy of “SA” for free; check out iTunes or Kobo  or Smashwords right now, or wait for Amazon to get in line. Either way, And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of “The Fall of Magic” right now for $1.99 – that price goes up to $3.99 on November 1.

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